Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Scrap Room

OK, so it's not really *that* new since we moved over 7 months ago, but I haven't posted any pics yet, so it's new to you!

My little getaway is in our daylight basement. I think the previous owners used it as an office. It was painted white - booooooring! The room has no windows so I painted it a bright, sunshine yellow.

Here is a view outside the glass doors looking in:

And a view just inside the doors. No, that is not my stripper practice pole!!

Here are my Jetmax cubes that hold all sorts of various items. The little door in the middle of the wall goes to the crawl space of the house. The black is magnet sheets and I store my Nestabilities dies on them. (You can kind of see my button fetish in the upper right corner.)

This IKEA bookshelf holds my Stampin Up stamp sets and my Cricut cartridges. I have a lot more carts than the ones shown, but most of them have been at my mom's house since I got my Gypsy.

This is my cutting table where I keep my Expression. The door goes to some sort of pump thing that *may* need to be accessed in an emergency, hence the plain IKEA table. The built in ledge makes a perfect place to store some of my Prima flowers. (The black drawer thing underneath holds misc. stuff. Nothing interesting really.)

This is the other corner of the room that shows the placement of my desk. The door goes to a deep closet that is VERY messy right now!!

Here is my desk. I got it at IKEA and I LOVE it!! The drawers hold A LOT of stuff and I like how deep the top is. The shelves above also came from IKEA and hold all sorts of things I like to keep close by.

I keep my cardstock and the papers I use the most in Jetmax cubes right by my desk for easy access.

And that's about it!! That's where all of my supplies live and collect dust. :)

UPDATE: I've made a couple of changes since this was posted. You can see them HERE on the Cricut MB.

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Karen said...

Beautiful room. So much space TFS. Bug Hugs.